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Seamless and Secure Payment Solutions for iGaming & Gambling

Boost your business with HUCH’s open-banking payment solution.
Say goodbye to traditional card acquiring schemes and accept direct bank payments from your customers.
Our intuitive user experience makes payment processing a breeze, while lower fees and instant money receival keep your bottom line in check.

Give your customers a seamless payment experience and enjoy the benefits of secure, efficient payment processing with HUCH.

Are you tired of the challenges of payment processing in the gambling industry?

HUCH has the solution.

Our open-banking payment system cuts out intermediaries in bank payment processing, making payment acquisition easier and more efficient than ever before.

With HUCH, you can enjoy faster transactions, instant money receival, and lower fees, giving you a competitive edge in the crowded gambling market.

Don’t let payment processing hold you back. Join the winning team with HUCH.

Faster and SAFER

Real-Time Payments

Say goodbye to delays and waiting periods.
Huch enables real-time payment processing, allowing your customers to enjoy seamless and instant transactions.
This means increased customer satisfaction, improved user experience, and ultimately, higher conversion rates.

Why Huch?

Payment reinvented

Online payments

Get paid online on your website, mobile app by payment button, link.

Offline payments

Get paid in stores or casinos using QR codes displayed on smartphone, tablet, or any display support…


Use our fast and secure payouts solution to pay or refund your customers at a very competitive price.

How does it work

Online payment for gambling & iGaming

Offline payment for gambling & casinos

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Provide your customers with a faster, easier and more secure way to pay.