Introducing Huch Direct Payment

Start Accepting Card Payments and Get Paid in Crypto

Are you a high-risk merchant facing challenges in accepting card payments?
Huch Direct Payment is here to revolutionize your payment experience.

And enjoy unprecedented benefits




rolling reserve

Why Choose Huch
Direct Payment?
Seamless Integration
Easily integrate Huch Direct Payment into your website, opening up a world of payment possibilities.

Enhanced Flexibility

Collect payments in cryptocurrency through a fiat-to-crypto process or in fiat through a fiat-to-crypto-to-fiat process.
High Acceptance Rates
Say goodbye to payment rejections. We’ve optimized our system for maximum acceptance, ensuring you never miss a transaction.

Global coverage

Our payment solution knows no borders.
Open your business to customers from across the globe!*


Protect your customers’ anonymity against strict laws or social stigma with untraceable crypto transfers.

MCC codes 7995 & Curaçao licences are welcomed

We’ve got your back. Stay compliant with card schemes’ policies, gambling laws and regulations, all while enjoying the benefits of crypto payments.

How It Works?

It’s very simple, we help your customers buy crypto with their card. And we help you collect crypto from your customers crypto wallet in a single process.
No more MCC codes restrictions.

Customer Payment Initiation

Your customer starts the payment process on your website by selecting the Pay with Huch option.

Smooth Payment Flow

An external Huch payment page opens, making it easy for them to proceed.
Technically speaking you just have to create the transaction and just wait for the transaction response.

Multiple Bank Cards accepted

Your customer enters their bank card information most bank cards are accepted including Visa & Mastercard Debit and Credit, Apple Pay, Google Pay and even Revolut Pay. 

Transaction Confirmation

The customers receive the crypto and confirm the crypto transaction to you.

Payment status

We process the transaction and you receive the payment status via our API response and webhooks.

You receive daily, weekly, monthly or on-demand settlements.

Boost your revenue

Accepting fast, safe, and convenient credit and debit cards payments helps merchants gain new customers and boost transaction revenue.
Reach more users, accept customers from all around the world.
Our seamless crypto payment processing helps reduce churn and ensure all payments are processed seamlessly.

With Huch Direct Payment, enjoy the benefits of bank card payment without the drawbacks

NO chargebacks

Maintain the security of all transactions with our top-tier security and KYC features, ensuring a risk-free exchange.
No rolling-reserve

There is no need for a rolling-reserve when we can ensure the absence chargebacks from your transactions, right?

Get rid of the MCC Codes hassle and start accepting card payments now!

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USA, states which are currently not supported: Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, Louisiana and Ohio.

* Countries are currently unavailable: Afghanistan, American Samoa, Anguilla, Crimea, Cuba, Fiji, Guam, Iran, North Korea (Democratic Republic of Korea), Palau, Samoa, Sudan, Syria, US Virgin Islands, and Yemen.

*Countries temporarily not supported: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, China